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Sworn translations, content creation (copywriting and rewriting). Localization, transcreation (creative translation) in English and Spanish.

The most convenient English translation services and rates or prices

Traductores Nativos is a website of professional freelance English to Spanish and Spanish to English translators providing professional translation services to some of the world's leading companies. Click here to get an instant quote for Spanish document translation services.
If you are looking for one of our professional English to Spanish translators, our website is the best choice because here you get in direct contact with a knowledgeable and professional translator!
Spanish translation service prices

We offer the most affordable and competitive prices for professional Spanish translation services:

- English to Latin American Spanish rate: € 0.04 per word

- English to European Spanish rate: € 0.06 per word

- Spanish to native English rate: € 0.9 per word

How much does it cost to translate a document from English to Spanish?

The approximate price that TRADUCTORES NATIVOS charges for the professional translation of documents from English to Spanish is € 5 per A4 page. This includes translation and proofreading.
Traductores Nativos is a top medical translation provider.

Medical translation rates and prices:

Traductores Nativos offers the most competitive rates in the translation industry, with prices starting as low as €0.03 per word for certified medical translation and proofreading.

English to Spanish Legal Translation Services

  • The team of Native Translators works with various types of materials, technical documents in terms of legal translation services from English to Spanish. Among these:
  • Legal translation.
  • In Spain, public institutions, such as banks, most often require official translation of all documents issued in a language other than Spanish (in a foreign language).
  • Such a translation is called a legal translation, and only an authorized sworn translator can prepare it.
  • A sworn translation is a kind of analogue of a basic notarized translation.
  • A sworn translation is prepared according to certain rules and requirements:
  • it is not allowed to add or remove part of the text (the document is translated exclusively in its entirety), without omitting its parts.
  • the specific style of the original document, its form and style are strictly observed;
  • the translation is carried out with extreme precision in lexical terms.

Why choose Native Translators for your needs?

We have professional Spanish to English translators in many countries, but we also have translators in every Spanish-speaking country in the world. Our Spanish translators have expertise in the specific language used in each country. This includes:

  • Professional English to Mexican Spanish translations

  • Professional translators for European Spanish

  • Freelance translators for Latin American Spanish

  • Freelance U.S. Spanish translators

Certified Spanish and English translation services

Traductores Nativos offers certified English/Spanish translation services for medical, technical and legal documents. We translate all types of official and immigration documents.

Spanish document translation services

We offer English to Spanish and Spanish to English document translation in any file format, including PDF, MS Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Adobe InDesign and Framemaker with a free, no-obligation quote. When you need to translate a document from English to Spanish quickly and with excellent quality, there is no point in looking any further if you have already found Native Translators.

Translation of official documents into Spanish and English

We translate all types of official and unofficial documents from Spanish to English and from English to Spanish. This includes:

  • Medical and hospital reports.
  • Patents and associated intellectual property documents.
  • Business plans.
  • Legal documents and contracts.
  • Divorce decrees.
  • Scientific and academic papers.
  • Financial reports and business documents, business plans.
  • Birth certificates.
  • Technical manuals.
  • Informed consent forms and clinical trial documents.
  • Translate the Employee Handbook into Spanish

Translation of brochures in Spanish.

We translate documents from any file format: this includes documents in PDF file format, MS Word, MS Excel, Powerpoint, HTML, InDesign and more. We translate brochures into Spanish and can deliver translated brochures ready to print in InDesign file format.

Medical document translation services

Traductores Nativos offers the most reasonable document translation services. We translate medical documents into more than 80 languages. This includes all major European, Asian, Scandinavian and Middle Eastern languages, including French, Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian and Arabic. We specialize in multi-language projects, sometimes translating a publication into 8, 10 or even 20 languages.

What is professional medical translation?

The term medical translation refers to the translation of texts in the areas of healthcare, medicine, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and clinical trials. This includes the translation of informed consent forms, medical device manuals (IFU / DFU), hospital documents and medical reports. Medical translations must be performed by certified medical translators who are qualified in the appropriate subject matter and field of practice.

Native Translators is your best partner for medical translation services. We have a proven track record of success spanning 20 years and thousands of medical translations delivered.

Medical Translation Experience

Clients in the pharmaceutical, medical device and healthcare industries have come to rely on our team of subject matter experts for even the most complex medical translation services. Our human resources include linguists with training in most branches of medicine, biochemistry, biotechnology, chemistry, pharmacology and toxicology. If you are looking for a reliable medical translation agency, contact Traductores Nativos.

Traductores Nativos is a leading provider of certified medical translation services with specialists from Madrid, Barcelona, Murcia, Malaga.

We offer quality medical translation of:

- Clinical protocols and synopsis of clinical protocols.

- Informed consent forms

- Clinical trial agreements and contracts.

- Patient information leaflets

- Case report forms

- Medical manuals

- Autopsy reports

- Study drug labels and inserts.

- Instructions for use for various medical devices

- User manuals for medical devices.

- User guides for medical software

- Proprietary applications

- Translations of drug monitoring reports

- Translation of patient reports

- Localization of medical software.

- Test procedures

- Production requirements documents

- Translation of website content for Life Science companies

- Company newsletters

- User interface (UI) localization for medical devices

If you require us to sign a confidentiality agreement prior to submitting your documents, we will sign a confidentiality agreement prior to any submission.

Medical Translation Services Case Studies

Some of our clients have stated that we are the best translation agency for their needs. If you need an urgent service, contact us for fast delivery of your medical documents.

Certified Medical Translation Services

Certified Medical Translation Services

Our quality management system has been audited and found to be compliant with ISO 17100: 2015. We provide certificates of accuracy statements with every translation. We can also provide translation and validation if the ethics committee / IRB requires official translations. Our professional medical translators are certified by internationally accredited translation organizations.

Clinical Validation of Medical Documents

If required by regulatory authorities, we can have your translated medical documents validated by licensed physicians in the target countries. Some of our medical translators have advanced medical training, and some are even physicians themselves.

Maintenance of medical documents

Some medical documents are updated frequently, several times a year in some cases. This is especially true for medical device manuals, IFUs and clinical trial documents such as Informed Consents and clinical protocols. To provide quick turnaround and cost-effective translation of updates, we maintain translation memories for all translated documents. The use of translation memories allows us to determine exactly what has changed since the last published version, and only translate new material and changes.

Our medical translation services include:
Biotechnology - Clinical trials - Healthcare - Medical devices - Pharmaceuticals - Informed consent forms - Reverse translation - Drug study labels - Instructions for use labeling translation.

Spanish website translation services

We offer professional and customized website translations into English and Spanish. You can also use our low-cost website translation tool to translate your target pages into English. Check it out and get an instant online quote now, whether you are in Valencia, Malaga or Barcelona and whether you are looking for sworn English translations.

Scientific translation services

Many novice translators confuse the services of technical and scientific translations of texts from/into a foreign language such as English for example. Despite the extreme similarity, it is the scientific translation that is considered to be one of the most difficult ones. Usually, this type of translation is performed with the aim of presenting texts with a view to their subsequent publication in scientific journals or presentation at scientific congresses. It is very important to translate and interpret correctly, competently and correctly all the terminology present, to pay attention to the observance of the form of presentation and to use the most precise and comprehensive verbal constructions.

Spanish to English translation and interpretation services

We provide high quality translation and interpreting services - interpreter translators are ready to help you right away!

Among the advantages of cooperation with Native Translators:

  • accurate translation and interpretation;

  • translators with extensive knowledge in various fields;

  • professionalism and care in work;

  • correct diction of interpreters;

  • affordable cost of services and discounts for regular customers.
We have specialized in translation and interpreting for many years, so we are always ready to offer high accuracy and speed of competent translation of voice and text into the desired language, regardless of the topic, format of the event or number of participants.

Written and oral translation. Classification of interpretation and translation

Oral translation can be both literary and informative. The first type is used for folklore, poetic texts, where it is important to convey the author's style and emotional coloring of the work. And informative translation, in its turn, is directly necessary for the execution of official business documents, technical documentation.
Oral translation can be both simultaneous and consecutive. In the first case, the speaker makes the necessary pauses, during which the interpreter/translator expresses his words in the desired language. Simultaneous translation is performed in parallel with the speech. This allows you to reduce the time of the event and provide information more quickly to the audience. But such a service is correspondingly more expensive, as it requires the participation of at least two or even three translators to be replaced every half hour.

In addition to oral and written translation, there are also combined types:

  • translation from oral to written speech;
  • reading the text of the material on the fly;
  • abstract translation, when the main meaning is removed from the text.

Driver's license translation

If you want to drive in another country, you will definitely need an international driver's license, i.e. a translation of your local driver's license. In order for your license to be up to date, you need an official certified translation of your driver's license. Traductores Nativos can help you with this by offering you the best and highest quality driver's license translation services in many languages, including translation of driver's licenses from Spanish to English! A professional translation of a driver's license is a much needed service for those who travel a lot and are used to traveling with comfort and peace of mind.

Translating a driver's license into English is not an easy process, as it is a valid official legal document that must be valid in any country. This means that you need a service that provides an accurate and notarized translation of your driver's license. The Native Translators team is working hard to become the number one service on your list for international translation of driver's licenses and other documents.

Translation of foreign driver's licenses

If you are a foreigner in a particular country (in this case, the United Kingdom or the United States of America), you can use the services of Traductores Nativos to translate foreign driver's licenses. Thanks to optimal and relatively low prices and fast order processing, as well as a quick notarization process, Traductores Nativos turns one of the most complex translation services into a fairly easy one. Since we are an online service, you don't have to suffer trying to find a “driver's license translation near me”, you just need to upload your materials to the site after completing the request.

For foreigners residing in Spain, a Spanish translation of your driver's license will be required. Get the highest quality translation service from Traductores Nativos!

We present to your attention an authorized driver's license translator: Mark Lieberson. Education and Study: 1999-2003: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Electronics Engineering Department; 2003-2005: specialized language courses in translation activities.

Previously, Mark worked for another translation agency, gaining extensive experience in his specializations. Quite familiar with the field of driving, translation and legalization of driver's licenses. Responsible and very attentive to details, he guarantees the quality of project execution!

International driver's license translation

Imagine you need a Spanish translation of the driver's license of a U.S. citizen moving to Spain, or any other translation of a foreign driver's license from your native language into a foreign language. In either case, Traductores Nativos and our experienced staff are ready to help you immediately. Traductores Nativos Driver's License Translation Bureau will first make sure you understand exactly what service you need, and only after that will select the most suitable specialist for you. With Traductores Nativos you can request a sworn translation of your driver's license from anywhere in the world!

If you need a translation and get a translation of your driver's license, the translators of the Traductores Nativos team are waiting for you. On this site you can upload your document and select the necessary and/or additional services and place an order in less than 5 minutes, i.e. quickly and efficiently. Order a driver's license translation online and you will receive a complete translation in a short period of time. To do this, first complete the application. The rest is easily done by the professional team of Native Translators, who work with their clients' applications.

We encourage you to take advantage of the high quality translation services provided by Traductores Nativos' creative translation team. We guarantee that our specialists will perform their work at the highest level. The best translations are from Native Translators.

Translate a letter from Spanish to English

Sometimes you may need to send a letter in English for official purposes or for an important business proposal. Google Translate may not be reliable enough and you cannot afford to take the risk. When this is the case, request a letter translation service from one of our professional translators and you are guaranteed to get the best possible result.

Discounted rates for Spanish to English translation services

Use Traductores Nativos coupon codes to get a discount on English to Spanish translations. New customers get a 5% discount on their first order. Click here for more information on discounted translation pricing.

Facts about professional Spanish translation

Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world (Chinese is the first and English the third). This makes Spanish one of the most important languages in the translation industry. Spanish is spoken in many countries, including Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela and the United States. Before contacting an English translation specialist, determine which countries the document is intended for, as there may be some differences in language usage.

Spanish Text Expansion Tip

Spanish is a fairly wordy language when translated from English to Spanish; you can get a text expansion of 15-25% (e.g., if the English document is 1,000 words, the Spanish translation may be 1,200 words). This can cause problems in software localization projects; for example, it may not fit into a text field or software button and the on-screen elements may need to be resized.
Translation is a process (almost like a dialectic) that creates transnational social links and spaces, revalues ​​local cultures and brings third cultures to the foreground, it is a process to avoid contradictions, misunderstandings and sometimes even conflicts of a varied nature.