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English to Spanish and Spanish to English translations for companies

Direct contact with a professional in the world of financial/web translation for companies!

Translations for companies, adapted to their field of activity.
Interpreter-translator, with legal and business background (to facilitate the signing of notarial documents and company documents before notary public)
Privacy offered
Experienced Project Manager
Legalization, Apostille and other legalization (embassies, etc.)
Many fields of activity:
Business/Business, Law, Finance/Banks, Embassies, NGOs, Government Institutions, Engineering, Construction, Energy/Oil/Mirror, Food Industry, Metallurgy, Automotive Industry, Telecommunications, Fashion/Textile Industry, Medicine and Pharmacy, Insurance, Tourism, etc.
professional translation for companies
Juan Raúl Sureño Jurao: professional English translator

Professional translations for companies and institutions

Translations for companies and institutions can be:

specifications, tenders, business correspondence, employee contracts, job descriptions, resumes, business plan or business plan, articles of incorporation, bylaws, court order of establishment, general judgment of shareholders, declarations, decisions, resolutions, confidentiality agreements, ISO quality management certificates, codes of conduct, good practice guide, internal and internal regulations, KPIs of employee performance, contracts with partners, customers and suppliers, certificate of registration in the Commercial Register, certificate of registration in the Intracommunity Register, tax certification, VAT certificates, certificate of finding, certificate of local taxation, certificate of tax residence, balance sheets, etc.

Translation of documents such as notarial and consular documents to English

translations of judicial declaration, power of attorney, purchase contract, mandate contract, visas and documents issued by embassies, consulates, parent's agreement for the departure of a child, commercialization contract, rental contract, mortgage deed, constitutive act, AGA decision, income tax declaration, notarized declaration with a view to obtaining Romanian citizenship, passport, identification, birth certificate for minors, notarized declaration for the establishment of a company, signature model, etc.

Professional translation of legal contracts from English to Spanish

Translations of notarial documents and documents issued by Notary Publics, apostilles and other legalizations issued by the Chamber of Notaries, Ministry of Justice, Prefecture, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, contracts, court report, constitutive act, sentence, resolution, court order, patent and trademark, repatriation declaration, letter of credit, confidentiality agreement, deposition, service contract, lease, purchase and sale contract, comfort, consent, arbitration procedure, iso certificate of quality management, etc.

Professional financial and banking translations

Translations of bank statement, balance sheet, financial or accounting report, accounting or auditing experience, financial indicators, financing project, business plan, service contracts, mortgage with bank or financial institution, letter of credit, bank guarantee letter, economic or financial analysis, etc.

Professional technical translations, medical translations, personal documents

for almost all fields, including professional translations for construction, aviation, physics, optics, oil and gas, wood industry, light industry, metallurgical industry, shipbuilding industry, energy, food industry, automotive industry, engineering, telecommunications, internet, chemistry, science, fashion, luxury goods, accessories, insurance, tourism, specifications, documents and declarations of participation in the auction, user manuals of equipment, machinery, product description, warranty certificate, operating instructions / technical specifications of machinery and equipment, description of the technological process of production or manufacturing, contracts with technical conditions, catalogs and advertising material with technical descriptions, ISO quality management certificate and documentation, etc.
Others would be professional translations for medical insurance, health insurance, life insurance, travel insurance, medical examinations, medical documents, medical certificate/certificate/file/report/letter; MRI report, CT scan, X-ray, ultrasound, biochemical, histopathological analysis results (biopsies), immunohistochemical examinations, colonoscopy, patient information documents (informed consent), medical letter, medical history, hospital discharge / discharge ticket, hospitalization ticket, prescription, prescription, medication leaflet; user's guide / manual, packaging, questionnaire; clinical, pharmacological, biological study; translations for medical centers / offices (including dentistry), hospitals, clinics, distributors and manufacturers of drugs, products, consumables and medical equipment; instruction manual and medical devices; specialized works and glossaries of medical terms, etc.
Translations of marital status documents, birth certificate, marriage certificate, name change certificate, death certificate, criminal record, celibacy certificate, family booklet, baptism certificate, identity card, identity card, passport, other marital status documents, divorce certificate, heir certificate, will, marriage contracts, criminal record, translations of citizenship documents, proof of pension, pension certificate, work card, CV, letters of recommendation, letters of intent, employment documents, etc.

Translation is a process (almost like a dialectic) that creates transnational social links and spaces, revalues ​​local cultures and brings third cultures to the foreground, it is a process to avoid contradictions, misunderstandings and sometimes even conflicts of a varied nature.