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Sworn translations, copywriting, rewriting, linguistics in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, Romanian and Ukrainian, localization, transcreation (creative translation) in the aforementioned languages.

Who are Native Professional Translators?

Every day we have a few new professional English-speaking translators who translate into tons of languages. But we don't have many websites where these could be found without cumbersome registrations with waits and without the guarantee of one hundred percent service. This is why we decided to create an open access page where we can resolve issues such as: avoiding intermediaries with high extra costs, having payment security with a secure translation service guarantee service (STS) and the issue of reviews of translators and agencies of translation.
traducciones profesionales hechas por traductores nativos

What type of professional translators are we and what do we do?

Nowadays we already have quite a few true native and non-native professionals of the languages ​​we translate, but in addition this website has been conceived by professional and independent translators and for them, who work on translation projects on a daily basis. What's more, we created a network of professional translators who could be collaborators on this page in exchange for points and first positions in our internal ranking, which significantly improves the quality of translation and content creation services.
However, this is not all, as we are going to create a forum for the world of professional Spanish-speaking translations and for clients, in which they will be able to ask the technical questions they want.
One more thing: soon we will have a reviews department, where translators and clients will be able to leave their reviews.
Here you can communicate with professional translators directly and without intermediaries, who unfortunately sometimes inflate their prices quite a bit. The possibility of leaving reviews on a direct access website puts translators on guard against making mistakes.
We delve into the details personally, without managers and secretaries who change so often. The client can contact a professional translator or writer in any language and at any time, which avoids loss of information and unnecessary overcharges.

We have experience and knowledge of the markets whose languages ​​we work in, just as we know the mentality of these countries. This, as you surely know, is something very important when adapting, localizing or transcreating a text to be translated, as well as when entering a new market.




traducciones TI

Transcreation of web pages

Transcreation (translation + creation) is the act of changing a text so that its meaning is culturally appropriate for a target market. Translation, on the other hand, is the literal transfer of text from one language to another. Transcreation takes into account subtleties that could go unnoticed and cause a lot of problems, even if it doesn't seem like it.
Localizaciones por traductores profesionales

Localization of web pages

As we well know, localization is the adaptation of a web page for a country or several countries to which the page is intended to be directed, taking into account cultural values ​​among other things. With which: create, launch and optimize your multilingual websites quickly and profitably through our platform and with our native translators from the country you are interested in. We give you maximum control and flexibility to allow you to customize your workflow.
Additionally, adapt the interface and functionality of your mobile app to suit foreign language markets. We support all standard file formats, including for Apple iOS, Android XML and XLIFF, so you can translate all your content seamlessly.

What type of professional translation services can be done with Native Translators?

In its usual way, professional translation provided by specialists can be oral or written. Oral translation consists of the competent reproduction of the client's speech in a foreign language. A professional written translation is accordingly done in writing and is more in demand on the international market. If necessary, the original work is already notarized, so such a document has legal force and can be used as confirmation of originality and other things. The specialists of the Native Translators team are also dedicated to notarial translation. They are ready to provide you with linguistic support.

Our professional translators provide high-quality translations of other documents, including:

  • translation of identification documents;
  • translations of NIE for the identification of foreigners;
  • driving license;
  • birth and death certificates, certificates;
  • translation of references and reviews;
  • Scientific papers also called scientific translations.
It should be noted that Native Translators' range of translation services includes the execution of the translation, its detailed verification, typing and delivery of the result to the client. You can order a translation from professionals in many material formats. And our team guarantees a wonderful result. It can be scientific or fiction translation, content from various web pages, forums, legal and economic texts, insurance, technical and various formats of medical documents.

Real professional translators of their specialization are working on a really difficult task. Additionally, the staff members of the Native Translators team are native speakers of a foreign language. The work is done with great care and meticulousness. Integral stages of the translation process are detailed review and editing of the material by various specialists.

What are global translation services?

Professional translation is an exact transfer of content or accessible explanation of what is written in a document from one language to another, but at the same time, regional and cultural differences between languages ​​and the peculiarities of a translation are necessarily taken into account. professional. During their work, translators use various special techniques (they can also create their own to simplify the task). The work of a translator-linguist is really important, indispensable and in high demand in all countries of the world.

One of the most difficult is technical translation. In this case, it is precisely the translators who have technical training corresponding to the subject of the material provided who are involved in the work. Industries may include engineering, medicine, law, economics, ecology, etc.

For example, at absolutely any time a person may urgently need an accurate and high-quality medical translation. Complex medical terminology and methods of translating material on this topic can only be handled by a professional with appropriate education. In this case, most often, careful work is carried out with case histories, instructions for medical preparations, descriptions of medicinal preparations, extracts and conclusions.

And legal translation service, in turn, is of interest to both private and state companies.

The true professionals of the modern translation agency Traductores Nativos have the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to implement projects of any complexity and volume. The main thing that the client should pay attention to is the need to choose the best office among the variety of options in this segment.

What exactly does the term excellent quality online translation service agency mean?

In any field of providing online translation services, we can find a variety of private freelance translation companies and professionals, whose level differs dramatically. And the field of professional translation is not at all an exception among other types of activity. If you want to get a guarantee of high-quality order fulfillment, optimal cost and other important advantages, you should definitely contact a certified translation agency. Among the main advantages here are:

  • Appropriate pricing policy or rates per word, which makes the cooperation truly profitable.
  • High-quality work, even with a not simple and quite complex project.
  • Great valuable experience, which is very important for each specialist and client, respectively.
  • The presence in the team of exclusively qualified and authorized specialists who carefully and skillfully understand all their functions, can work as a group to achieve better results.
It is not very easy to find a translation agency with these work criteria. In addition, today the possibility of ordering translations of material remotely is relevant. As is normal during cooperation, all information provided by the client is kept strictly confidential. You just need to order a translation through the site, that is, contact the administrators, agree on the price and deadline and, of course, provide the material you need to translate.
There is an exact guarantee of mandatory compliance of the quality of online translation services with established international standards. The employees of the Native Translators team pay close attention to all this. They handle a good number of the most widely practiced foreign languages, providing high-quality oral and written translations to them. In addition to translations, the range includes website localization, document retrieval, notarization and other similar format services.

Beneficial cooperation between the client and a professional translator

If you want to benefit from cooperation, you should contact a reliable and professional translation agency. This, therefore, ensures compliance with all regulations, translation standards, a wide range of services provided and other similar advantages. You cannot doubt the quality of the work carried out by the professional online translators of Native Translators, since a multi-level verification and review of the translation is carried out. The staff for this work are editors and proofreaders with extensive experience in the field of translation. Profitable cooperation is available to almost any client, provided you choose a truly professional translation agency with experienced, punctual and authorized specialists. In addition, remote cooperation is now quite in demand. You don't need to worry about coming to the office, you can simply request a translation over the Internet. In this case, choosing a good translation company is also very important.

Ordering a translation from Native Translators means confidence in the quality of professional translation services. You will not be disappointed with our service.

A professional and experienced team of translators ensures a multidisciplinary and most creative approach to solving problems of any format, the use of good methods in various professional fields and industries.

The Native Translators team headquarters provides language translation services such as:

  • english
  • spanish
  • french
  • italian
  • romanian
  • ukrainian
  • portuguese
  • russian

We have worked with clients from countries such as:
  • Spain
  • USA
  • Argentina
  • Bolivia
  • Chili
  • Colombia
  • Costa Rica
  • Cuba
  • Dominican Republic
  • Ecuador
  • The Savior
  • Equatorial Guinea
  • Guatemala
  • Honduras
  • Mexico
  • Nicaragua
  • Panama
  • Paraguay
  • Peru
  • Puerto Rico
  • Uruguay
  • Venezuela

A wide range of translations provided by Native Translators specialists

  • Legal translation service, that is, legal translation services in the signing of deeds of sale, marriage contracts, drafting of wills before a notary, in marriage ceremonies at the town hall.
  • Official legal translation
  • Legally certified translation
  • scientific translation
  • Translation for the prefecture
  • Insurance translation
  • Translation at the doctor
  • Medical scientific translator
  • Notarial translation
  • A notarized translation
  • Translation of birth certificates
  • Marriage/divorce certificate translation
  • Driver's license translation
  • Tax return translation
  • Diploma translation
  • Financial translation

Specialized translation services

1. Common written translations.

Written translations are carried out by professional Native Translator specialists into many foreign languages. We translate documents of various types and formats: legal, technical texts, literary and scientific materials.

2. Correction and editing of texts.

We provide text correction services, elimination of grammatical errors, spelling errors, punctuation and stylistic nuances.

3. Translation of web pages, business cards.

Professional translation of home pages, websites in business card format of online stores and related content and adaptation to the specifics of the topic.

4. Translations with notarization.

Translations with notarization are carried out for both natural and legal persons.

5. Translations certified by a professional translator

This type of translation is certified by the translator's signature and seal. Our translators carry out certified office translations for both personal and legal documents.

6. Legalization of documents and apostille.

Translations with an apostille are characterized by the authenticity of the official's signature and seal. Legalization of documents in some cases is necessary so that documents issued in a particular country gain legal force abroad.

The best-rated professional translators

Few people know that translation activity is an independent scientific discipline that, as a separate subject, considers the features and methods of translation of texts of various styles. Now we will consider the types of the most common translations made by top-rated professional translators.
Types of translations done by the best-rated professional translators

The main difference is between oral and written translations. There is also machine translation, which was mentioned in our previous articles. But, since it is absolutely the same as a computer translating your text, and our office does not use this generally ineffective technique, we'll get by by simply mentioning it again.
At the same time, interpretation and translation have more differences than it might seem at first. It's time to consider them in detail.

Interpretation. Online translation services.

Interpretations are classified into the following types:

Consecutive translation - the translator transmits the text heard in parts, phrases or paragraphs, and the speaker makes certain and distinct pauses so that the linguist translates what is said;

Simultaneous translation - if in the first case the interpreter has time to understand what he heard and formulate sentences, in simultaneous translation he works in time pressure mode, the translation goes at the same time as the words are pronounced;

Parallel translation: If the above two types of translation have the same approach from one language to another, then with simultaneous translation, the specialist first translates the source language into the target language, and then the same, but in reverse.

There are two more types of translations that are usually distinguished separately from the rest:
  • written translation of the heard speech (most often it can be an exercise or a recorded translation of an audio recording);
  • sight translation: the translator reads the material written in one language and translates it aloud into a foreign language.
This classification of translation types is, in a certain sense, considered formal. The systematization of oral translations can also be divided into genre and stylistic diversity. For example, translating a politician's speech or a stand-up artist's speech requires completely different approaches. But these are the nuances of the profession.
Types of text information translations

Professional translators can work with any type of translation, but in order not only to fully convey the meaning of the source content, but also to take into account many nuances, it is necessary to understand the details and be able to reflect them in the translation. text. For example, almost all translators will be able to make a literal translation of a poem. But, to reflect the meaning of transmitting what the poet wanted to express, and even more so to make the finished text a no less good poetic work, poetic talent is required.
That is why real professionals in their field specialize in specific types of texts. And all of them can be divided into several main groups:

  • technical translation;
  • Literary translation;
  • technical scientific translation;
  • public and journalistic domain.

Characteristics of a literary translation as it should be

This type of translation includes all works with fiction (including poetry, prose, folklore), journalism and literary criticism. To work in this industry, a translator must have literary talent. At a minimum, you are required to be able to clothe the translated meaning in a literary form that corresponds to the writing style of the translated author. The complexity of this type of translation lies in the large number of phrases inherent to the original language, images that are understandable to native speakers and that say nothing to those who do not know them. The specialist who performs the translation must create the so-called semasiological connections, which are impossible in terms of time frames. Therefore, literary translation can only be provided in written form.
Scientific and technical translations

Scientific-technical translations, in turn, are divided into several specific groups:

  • technical - a category that includes translations of technological specialization documentation: information on equipment, instructions, various algorithms, textbooks of exact disciplines, technical articles and reports, other texts rich in specialized terms are translated;
  • economic - translations of official accounting documents, international agreements and acts, tax documentation, financial reports and other documentation formats related to finance;
  • legal legal translation services - translation of regulations, laws, treaties and agreements, books and articles on jurisprudence, other legal texts;
  • automotive - manuals for the operation of vehicles, a description of the wiring diagrams of cars and other equipment, instructions and algorithms for the repair or use of technical means and liquids;
  • medical scientific translator - translation of medical records, medical reports, scientific and popular science medical articles, analysis results of instructions for the use of medical equipment and equipment, operating protocols.
For successful work with technical and scientific translations, a specialist must have adequate knowledge in a specific area with which the text of the source material is associated. Naturally, it is impossible to be an expert in all areas, so translators specialize in certain areas. So, within the framework of the listed specializations, there are also separate types of translations: radio engineering, military, chemistry and other translations of a narrow specialization. Knowledge is necessary not only to understand the meaning of the translated text, but also for the correct application of terms and concepts.
Sociopolitical translation
Sociopolitical translation differs from others at least in that such texts mix information and propaganda texts with scientific theory. Furthermore, unlike literary materials, texts related to politics or social movements use special linguistic stamps. In many cases, socio-political documents, magazines, newspapers, radio and television appearances require translation. The main function of this type of translation is directly informative. At the same time, the source texts can be calculated to have a significant impact on the public, to fulfill the task of forming public opinion. The ability to engage in this type of translation requires adequate knowledge in the field of politics, an understanding of the processes and the environment in which they are written and spoken.
Authorized specialists from the creative team of Native Translators work for a result that can please their clients in the future. We offer translation services of the highest quality and democratic prices.

Quality controls

made by humans
Our validation system works in the background to verify and highlight potential problems while the professional translator works. Additionally, language specialists use quality metrics developed by each individual translator to objectively flag different linguistic and stylistic errors. This is also why we strongly recommend that you contact us.
memory for professional translations

Translation technology

Translation memories
Translation memory matches segments that have been previously translated and then reuses them so you don't pay for the same translation twice. This client-specific tool would be self-learning, which at the same time allows the system to increase the quality and speed of the translation over time. In addition, typical human factor errors are eliminated.
professional translation specialists

Agile project management

Variety of translation tools
A variety of internal tools give project executors and professional translation specialists full control over project management. The management tools vary from translator to translator, but you will always be in direct contact with the translator, which greatly facilitates the progress of the project.
content services

Content and transcription services

Translators on this platform offer fast, accurate and confidential transcriptions for audio, video, plain text and subtitles in many languages, add-ons including faster response time, multilingual audio, timestamps and additional file types.

Summary of content

Our translator colleagues will carefully transform your text provided by the client through a link to your website or complicated document to return it to you in a form that is easier to read and assimilate, in brief and easy to understand summaries, which in the end will save you time and avoid the overload of information for the final reader or viewer.
professional translator services

SEO content optimization

We provide classification of your content into appropriate categories, including tagging with relevant keywords. Whether your needs are the categorization of images, product descriptions or websites, we ensure that your content is indexed for Google quickly and accurately.

Writing services

Our expert translator and copywriter partners will work their magic for almost any type of content, including blog posts, website content, press releases, emails, social media content, whitepapers and taglines, to help you convert traffic into leads and eventually customers.

Content generation

Creating other types of content for more specific needs, including creating variations of a particular sentence; Possible questions, answers and conversation templates for chatbots; as well as avoid blacklisting inappropriate words or phrases that are not appropriate for your audience.

Quality assessment

Our native translators will evaluate your text or audio files to determine if they meet your agreed quality criteria and standards.

Sentiment analysis

We can determine whether the content is positive, negative or neutral by extracting particular words or phrases. Typically used to find out how people feel about a particular topic, it can be implemented in social media, customer service, user comments and reviews, and chatbots.

Ad Review

Our language experts can verify your advertisements against a specific set of client-determined guidelines used regularly as part of pay-per-click advertising programs on e-commerce, travel and hotel listing sites.
Translation is a process (almost like a dialectic) that creates transnational social links and spaces, revalues ​​local cultures and brings third cultures to the foreground, it is a process to avoid contradictions, misunderstandings and sometimes even conflicts of a varied nature.