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Translation of documents from English into Spanish and from Spanish into English

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Sworn translations, simple translations, legal translations, copywriting, rewriting, creative translation in English and Spanish.
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Raúl Jermes Durao: professional English translator

Document translations, legal and other translations

The first association with the word “translation” is “text translation”. At first glance, it seems that there is absolutely nothing funny about this - you pick up a dictionary (or better yet “translate” the text through one of the many online translators), and you have a translation! However, if one does not engage in professional translations, very often the result can be negative, and efforts and time will be wasted for the sake of saving a little on the price of the translation.
A legal text translation is a complex and time-consuming process in which it is important not only to correctly select the words in another language, and convert them into sentences taking into account all the rules of grammar, but also to transfer the meaning of the text itself, and it is often necessary to make additions, explanations, replace some terms with other more appropriate language. In addition, the text must be clear, readable and not feel that it is a set of words or written in a foreign language. In addition, each style or document has its own rules for text layout. For example, even a simple document such as a letter is issued in different languages in different ways, and what can we say about serious documents such as a contract or a technical specification! In such cases, the translator is obliged not only to speak the language, but also to have special knowledge in the subject of the translation itself. All these and many other nuances should be known to a self-respecting translator, that is, if he considers himself a specialist in the field.

These are the criteria that apply when translating documents from or into English. For example, a medical interpreter cannot translate legal texts, as both the style and terminology differ from that of a specialist. The vast majority of translators have, in addition to special linguistic education, extensive translation experience in various fields, such as the translation of legal documents.

Translation of documents into English

Since English is the most common language in the world, the translation of documents into English is a very popular service in any country. Many of our citizens go to work, study in English-speaking countries. Many technical documents require English translation for Ukrainian companies to enter the international market.

Translation of documents into Spanish

The guidance of translation of documents into Spanish is very popular among foreigners in terms of labor immigration, recreation, purchase of property. These actions are directly related to the need to obtain the translation of a number of documents into Spanish and their notarization.

Translation of technical, scientific and special texts, documents, etc.

- Translation of technical documentation (specifications, patents, bidding documents);
- Translation of technical texts, articles;
- Translation of technical instructions; - Translation of texts on specialized subjects (aviation, geodesy, construction, chemistry, energy, telecommunications, etc.); - Translation of legal and business texts and documents

- Translation of legal and commercial texts and documents - Translation of legal documents (registration documents, company letters, etc.);
- Translation of contracts, protocols, internal documentation;
- Translation of invoices, work acts, declarations, commercial and internal correspondence;

Translation of legal documents, financial, economic and insurance texts

- Translation of financial documents (audit reports, financial results report, banking documentation, tax documents, etc.);

- Translation of economic reviews, research, articles, presentations;

- Translation of laws, court decisions, judgments, appeals, representatives, affidavits;

- Translation of insurance policies, insurance contracts, documentation for the registration of insurance cases, etc.;

Translation of medical texts and documents

- Translation of medical texts (research, scientific articles, manuals, books);

- Translation of pharmacological texts (pharmacological test results, patents, instructions, reports, etc.).

- Translation of medical certificates, analyses, examinations, medical records, medical reports.

Translation of IT texts

- Translation of technical descriptions, manuals.

- Translation and localization of software, games

Translation of journalistic, artistic and advertising texts

- Translation of news and pages for corporate websites, magazines, newspaper articles and online.

- Translation of advertising brochures, presentations, articles, reviews, booklets.

- Translation of fiction, books, collections;

Translation of personal documents

- Transfer of documents to embassies, consulates, citizenship or residence permits;

- Translation of educational documents (certificates, diplomas, applications, archival certificates, doctorates, etc.);

- Translation of personal correspondence, etc.;

Translation and localization of web pages

- The translation section of the website has been placed on a separate page.

Translation of standard documents

Separately, translation of standard documents should be highlighted.

Personal skills:

- Own developments: glossaries, use of CAT tools (so-called “translation memory” (Translation Memory).

- Use of the latest programs: Transit, Trados, SDLX, DejaVu

- Translations in Microsoft Office programs, Autocad, Adobe Acrobat and Adobe InDesign.

What do I need to know before starting to work on document layout?

First of all, the layout designer will need the original format in which the document was created in order to function. If you do not have such a document, which is quite common, then the layout designer will need to recreate the layout of the original document. To make the job easier, the layout designer should provide drawings of the original quality and determine what fonts were used in the original document. This stage of the job, creating the layout of the original document, is very labor-intensive, so the cost of such a layout will differ from that of providing the original formatting of the document.
Translation is a process (almost like a dialectic) that creates transnational social links and spaces, revalues ​​local cultures and brings third cultures to the foreground, it is a process to avoid contradictions, misunderstandings and sometimes even conflicts of a varied nature.