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Professional translator for English, French and Spanish, US version of English

Get in touch directly with a professional native English, French and Spanish translator from the United States!

Mobile hardware, copywriting, marketing consulting, technology consultant, media and advertising consultant with SEO, copywriting, rewriting skills

Professional translator for English, French and Spanish

Professional translator for English, French and Spanish

John is a true professional native English, French and Spanish translator with skills in mobile hardware, copywriting, marketing consulting. He is also a professional freelance translator and offers hardware and PDF document translation services for these languages. He is a professional French translator with a vast experience, apart from being a professional translator of the French-Spanish language pair. He often works on professional medical, hardware, legal, website translations, others.
Previous and recent projects:
UX Design Consulting for LG Mobile on the LG V10.

Mobile Hardware and UI / UXTesting and Reporting for Samsung on the Galaxy S5 professional translator from Spanish to US English, professional translations for Google Translate;
Copywriting for Pilsner Urquell. Social Media. Creative strategy, marketing consulting and copywriting for Maaco. Mobile game testing and text localization for G5 Entertainment. “Island Castaway 2. App application for mobile devices. Localization and text localization for OverMobile's “Amazing Pets”. Software development for Azoft
Double major in English and journalism, bachelor of arts, 1986.
University of Maine, Orono, Maine 04469 USA.
Consultant, copywriter and content editor/professional translator (1993-present)

Alphonse Communications USInternational Customers

Technology, Media and Advertising Consultant.

Translation, editing, localization and marketing services in English, French to English and Spanish to English.
Translation and editing services using professional tools, mobile, internet, marketing, travel and literary specializations.
Internationally published editorial and advertising photographer, currently represented by Getty Images.

Publishing credits include Time Magazine; Agence France Presse; Doubleday Harcourt; Lerner; Bauer Media; Images of Jupiter; Photo Books Australia.

Google Search Advertising Quality Evaluator (June 2005 to October 2007) WorkforceLogic / Google, Inc.

Search analysis, optimization and evaluation: user experience advertising for Google's Engineering Testing Division.

Nokia Brand Intelligence Researcher (September 2007-February 2008) 1000heads WOM Marketing East Hendred, Oxford, UK

Contract employee for 1000heads' Brand Watch division conducting online marketing research for Nokia, Inc.

Word-of-mouth marketing events for N series cell phones.

Professional translation, editing and photojournalist services (1997-2002)

realitytimes.com: Photojournalism and arts magazine Portland, Maine

Professional creator, editor and translator.

Nationally recognized “New Journalist” title as a field reporter for Trailman's Mountain Bike Trail Report and contributor to mainetoday.com.

Copywriter in advertising (1988-1990) Adworks and Marketing Portland, Maine

Created advertising concept and copy for consumer and B2B clients in print and broadcast.

Introduced innovative solutions that led to successful campaigns Representative, media planner, and media planner.

Special skills

Mobile and desktop UX design consulting;
Android and iOS platforms with advertising and copywriting; Creative and technical writing and copywriting Digitaland DarkroomPhotography and Photo Photo Photo Professional translations from French and Spanish to English.

CAT Tools: Déjà Vu, Memsource, Wordfast, XTM Macintosh OSX; Windows 7-10; MS Office; Google Docs

Hobbies: Music (Drums and Percussion); Off-Road Motorcycling and Cycling; Ice Skating and Inline Skating

MobileTechand TelecomHighlights

2015: UX Design Consulting for LG Mobile on the LG V10

2014: Mobile Hardware and UI Testing and Reporting for Samsung on Galaxy S5

2013: iOS mobile game testing for iPhoneand iPad and in-game text localization on G5 Entertainment's “Island Castaway 2”.

2012-14: Device-AgnosticSoftware mobile app UI testing on various hardware platforms for mobile development companies.

2012: cross-platform mobile game UI testing covering functionality and linguistic accuracy and reporting on OverMobile's “awesome pets”.

2013-14: Writing, editing and localizing blog posts for mobile app developers.

2012-14: Text localization for mobile and online games for Bally Technologies

2014: Spanish>English translation projects for Google Translate

2011-14: app and web copywriting, text localization and SEO for mobile developers

2007: online research for Nokia N-series for WOM digital marketing agency

Translation is a process (almost like a dialectic) that creates transnational social links and spaces, revalues ​​local cultures and brings third cultures to the foreground, it is a process to avoid contradictions, misunderstandings and sometimes even conflicts of a varied nature.