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Translation services of documents by a French translator

Contact a professional French translator directly!

She has studied to become a certified document translator and is a professional translator of various subjects.
Document translation services provided by a freelance French translator
Florence C.
Professional translations from English and Spanish
into French with specific expertise for regular translation services,
document translation and liaison interpreting.

Native French translator: from English, Spanish to French

Native French translator: from English, Spanish to French, with a university degree for official French translators. Specific expertise for document translation services, specialized translation and liaison interpreting, website translation.
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I am a native French speaker so I usually translate from Spanish or English into my mother tongue, i.e. French.

I studied translation at ESTRI (Lyon, France) for 5 years and after obtaining my diploma in 2015, I worked for a translation company in France for almost two years.

There I had to translate a lot of commercial documents (newsletter, advertising campaign, press releases...).

Now I have been working as a freelance translator for more than 2 years with my previous employer and a well-known online sales company. I also work in French copywriting for websites for small companies.


University degree in Specialized Translation (Master equivalent) 2012-2014 TSIL at ESTRI (specialized translation and liaison interpreting) with a first year in Spain (6 months at the University of Malaga with the Erasmus program, and 6 months internship in a translation agency in Zaragoza. ) 2012 Diploma in translation and applied foreign languages 2009-2012 ESTRI (Ecole Supérieure de Traduction et Relations Internationales), Lyon, France 2009 BAC d'Economie, La Ciotat, France WORK EXPERIENCE 2018 Freelance English translator, Spanish to French 2017 7 months volunteering at Sustainable Roots foundation, Cosanga, Ecuador 2015-2017 Assistant project manager/ Translator/Corrector at Transword, Paris and Marseille agencies, France, 2014 Internship at Transword, during 6 months, Marseille, France, 2013 Internship at Z. Translations. B. for 6 months, Zaragoza, Spain 2012 Reception and translation, Tourist Office, for 3 months, La Ciotat, France WORKING LANGUAGES French: mother tongue.

English: 8 months stay in England and a very good knowledge (C1+)*.

Spanish: 1 year stay in Spain and 7 months in Ecuador, very good knowledge (C1+)*.

Russian: beginners' courses (A2)

*according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages OTHER INTERESTING DATA

Motivation for: travel (Ecuador, Peru, Canada, Australia, India, Spain, England, Russia, Sweden, Finland, USA, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Tunisia...), arts in general, Dalí in particular, nature.
Translation is a process (almost like a dialectic) that creates transnational social links and spaces, revalues ​​local cultures and brings third cultures to the foreground, it is a process to avoid contradictions, misunderstandings and sometimes even conflicts of a varied nature.