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Ukrainian to Spanish and Spanish to Ukrainian translation service

Contact a trusted professional translator from Ukraine, living in Benalmádena right now!

Sworn translations, general subject matter, copywriting, rewriting, creative translation into Spanish.
Ukrainian translations
Artur Shevchuk: Ukrainian translations

Ukrainian to Spanish translations done by a professional

How to choose a reliable specialist to receive high quality language services related to translation activities? Is it worth to entrust your order to an interpreter you know only online?

We offer you to make good use of document translation services from Spanish into Ukrainian and vice versa! An authorized translator and at the same time a professional in his field will help you with the translation of any kind of information presentation. It is our specialists who are engaged in translation of highly specialized materials: from business documentation to technical projects and scientific articles.

As you know, text translation is an integral and indispensable aspect of international cooperation. The ability to convey a message to the target audience and partners in an accessible, competent and understandable way is the key to the success of absolutely any business. The help of a professional translator is necessary for anyone who wants to expand their borders, enter the international market and increase their profits.

The development of business in the international market depends primarily on the level of communication efficiency of the speaker and the audience. High-quality translation helps to achieve mutual understanding and creates the basis for long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation with foreign partners.

Traductores Nativos' freelance team consists of experienced professional translators who take their work very seriously. We do our best to present our team members as undisputed professionals, especially through the Internet. Providing the most accurate and necessary information to a potential client certainly affects the building of trusting relationships between the client and the contractor. Therefore, you can be sure that native translators present sufficient data about the competencies of their employees.
We understand that trust is one of the main components of mutual understanding of each party. And providing a wide range of features of our services proves it.

Ukrainian to Spanish translations done by a professional

At Traductores Nativos we are sure to offer you reliable language support, high quality service and equally good translation. These same professionals are always guided by the use of a professional approach without the slightest exception. Our order fulfillment processes allow us to deliver the result the customer expects.

We are pleased to introduce you to another professional translator from the Native Translators team: Artur Shevchuk. He studied at the Kiev National University of Linguistics (KNLU)

at the Faculty of Roman Philology. He lived in Spain for about 7 years, where he learned Spanish. Ukrainian is Irina's native language.

This specialist is engaged in written translation of official documents: informative and reference, personal and financial. Among them: letters, contracts, plans, annexes, declarations, resolutions, conclusions, reviews.

Artur's professional credo: “Measure seven times, then cut once”. This expert in Ukrainian-Spanish and Spanish-Ukrainian sworn translation always prefers to make the most thorough revision of the translation both before delivering it to the client and during the work.

Below you can consider the main requirements that we meet when translating by our specialists. These criteria may be of interest to you, as they will reveal some of the secrets of our workflow and terms of cooperation:

- Readability.

This is a very important point to take into account when translating. Too cluttered a sentence that leaves no room for repetition.

- Literature.

Compliance with all the rules for the use of the language into which the material is translated. The translator's understanding of the rules for presenting the structure of the text, the absence of grammatical, lexical, morphological and other errors. This element demonstrates the employee's level of proficiency in the target language of the material being translated.

- Adherence to the rules of punctuation and sentence construction.

Another component of literacy and the translator's knowledge of all rules and regulations.

Punctuation consists in the correct and undeniable use of punctuation marks, such as: period, comma, parenthesis, exclamation mark, etc. This is also the relevance of their presence in a particular proposal.

The construction of sentences affects the aspect of readability of the material provided by the translator and the additional absence of difficulties in its reproduction.

- Compliance with generally accepted standards for translation of documentation. Extract from the translator of the appropriate style of presentation of the material, a high degree of terminology.

- Compliance with Ukrainian / foreign language standards. Perfect knowledge by the translator of all the rules of both the source and target language. In addition, the ability to use them correctly in their activities.

- Fulfillment of the client's requirements. The most important point, since the subsequent result of the translation of the material depends entirely on the requirements and wishes of the client.

The main algorithm for working with text translation consists of the following steps:

- Familiarization.

The first stage consists of a detailed acquaintance of the translator with the document, the translation of which he/she will work on. Before confirming the order, our employee carefully reads the provided material and carefully examines the text for the subject of the original. The subject, in turn, consists of points comprising the context and style of presentation. The translator then defines the subject area and the logical structure of the text. After analyzing the text, the translator gives feedback on his/her ability to translate this material.

- Translation from Spanish to Ukrainian

The main process of the translator's work. Translation of the provided material is carried out in accordance with all requirements. Each subject includes its own points of conditions and requirements that a specialist observes during the work.

- Correction of errors or post-editing.

This is an independent verification of the translation by the interpreter. Basically, proofreading consists of checking the finished material for spelling, syntactical, grammatical, stylistic and punctuation errors. In addition, this is a reconciliation of numbers and names, the presence of all paragraphs, compliance with translation design standards. There may be several such checks. In most cases, it depends on the volume and complexity of the translation of the document, as well as the translator himself (after all, he is responsible for the result).

- Change if necessary

Provision to the client of the result of our specialist's work. The translator submits the order no later than the deadline or by agreement with the client.

All these stages are equally necessary in the process of work with translation of any material. The size of the submitted document does not matter, because in any case, a detailed control of the work performed is simply necessary.

We have reliable Spanish - Ukrainian translators with high qualifications and all necessary skills and competences! A quality result is definitely guaranteed.

Translation is a process (almost like a dialectic) that creates transnational social links and spaces, revalues ​​local cultures and brings third cultures to the foreground, it is a process to avoid contradictions, misunderstandings and sometimes even conflicts of a varied nature.