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Professional translation services from Ukrainian to Spanish and vice versa.

Contact a professional translator in the province of Malaga, Spain!

Sworn translations, general subject matter, copywriting, rewriting, content creation.
Ukrainian translation Spanish
Olha Orejova Ukrainian translation, sworn translation to Ukrainian, sworn translation to Spanish

Professional Ukrainian translation and Spanish translation

Today, the field of translation activity by professionals is in great demand all over the world. The provision of language services by professionals helps clients to successfully present their projects and take their business to the international level. In addition, correct and quality translations of texts facilitate the learning process, help to capture the attention of the target audience or design the content of your site.
What are the most common translation languages?
- English;
- French;
- Italian;
- Portuguese;
- Chinese;
- Japanese.
In addition, this superior translation language includes Spanish. It is used by 427 million people. For example, if we imagine that the world population consists of 50 people, 10 of them will be native speakers of the international language (English) and 5 of them will be native speakers of Spanish.
Spanish is not only in the top 10, but also in the top 5 most used languages.

The Spanish-Ukrainian translators of the Native Translators team are ready to provide high quality translation services for your documents. Our work includes familiarization with the text, direct translation, editing and detailed verification of the result thanks to your careful proofreading.

Analysis of the work stages of Native Translator specialists
Studying the subject of the original in terms of understanding the context and style of presentation. The study of lexical, morphological and syntactic stylistics. Analysis of all the tasks necessary to start working with the project.

2. The translation service itself.
Working with the translation of the original text into a specific language in accordance with all requirements. Compliance with lexical, grammatical, morphological, orthoepic and syntactic norms and rules. Preservation of the text structure. At the end of the work, the translated material is proofread and sent without breaking deadlines.

3. Correction of errors or post-editing.
Detailed draft of the translated material. In other words, an independent verification of the translation by the interpreter. It checks the presence of all paragraphs / translation of stamps (completeness of translation), the correctness of reproduction of numbers, compliance with the standards for the layout of the translation of this subject and agreement with the original. If the original text is enclosed in a table, the translator manually creates the same table.

4. Change.
Delivery of the result to the client. The project deadlines are met. The final point is the viewing of the result by the client and its evaluation.

Ukrainian Spanish translator

We present to your attention an authorized translator Spanish-Ukrainian - Olha Orejova.

Studies and education: Kyiv Institute of Economics and Humanities, Kyiv, diploma with honors - degree in philology (2001-2005). Work experience: translation agency, Kyiv (2006-2017).

At the moment, Olha works in our team of translators Native Translators.

She specializes in translation of official documents, tutorials, multimedia, letters, projects, as well as website localization and technical translation.

Ukrainian translator Olha Orejova is ready to take responsibility for urgent translations. I will attend to the tasks promptly.

I will be glad to translate your materials from Spanish into Ukrainian.

How is the price for rendering services by a professional translator formed?

Now, the method of pricing by counting the number of symbols is very relevant. It is used by many companies and language service agencies and is quite easy to use. For the translators of the Native Translators team, volume is an important basis, but far from being the key. Therefore, our team has additional criteria to determine the optimal price for translation services.

These include:
- The subject of the text.
After the client sends the original text, the translator views it for the first time; he determines the subject, having familiarized himself with the context and style of presentation. The price of the translation depends on the subject of the text. And according to the specialization of our employees, we select a translator of the material on your subject.

- Is the translation technical?

Technical translation is a written translation of technical documents or texts performed by a qualified technical translator. This type of translation is performed by sworn translators specialized in the subject and type of document to be translated.

- The urgency of the translation.

Urgent transfer means that it will be done at a higher than standard speed. The main points are efficiency and quality. Consequently, the shorter the delivery time, the higher the price. The subject of the sent text also affects the price formation of an express translation.

- The customer only needs to edit the texts.

In addition to providing translation services directly, Traductores Nativos specialists also edit and proofread the materials provided by the translator. The pricing policy for this type of service is different.

The specialists of Traductores Nativos guarantee the quality of translation services. We will provide you with full linguistic support. Ukrainian-Spanish and other translators are ready to start working with you right away. The result you would like to achieve from the real professionals of Traductores Nativos.
Translation is a process (almost like a dialectic) that creates transnational social links and spaces, revalues ​​local cultures and brings third cultures to the foreground, it is a process to avoid contradictions, misunderstandings and sometimes even conflicts of a varied nature.