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Freelance French translator, from Spanish, native Spanish version

Get in direct contact with a professional translator and proofreader in Spain!

translator and proofreader from Spain!

Simultaneous, consecutive and bilateral translations, professional associate translators, simple translations, copywriting
simple, copywriting, copywriting, creative translation and Spanish.

Professional translator from Spanish and German to English and from English and German to Spanish, native Spanish speaker.
Raquel M.L.
Freelance French freelance translator
Recommended and quite popular linguistic support in the format of translation of texts into different foreign languages. I am translating economic material into French. I guarantee to provide high quality service and exceptionally good results.

Translation and interpreting services from Basque and Spanish into French

Freelance translator from Basque and Spanish into French with a great experience and professional preparation - Translation and interpreting services from Basque and Spanish to French
I advise you to use French to Spanish translation services.

Most of Western Europe is influenced by France. It is an active member of the G8 and the Council of Europe, NATO and the UN Security Council. And that is why French is considered one of the key international languages and the languages of an organization like the UN. Nearly 200 million people speak it every day. But for people to understand what exactly a person wrote, it will require an experienced linguist. Dry and not always correct machine translation is unlikely to help here.

As a translator from Native Translators' creative team, I am ready to provide you with my high-quality linguistic services.

It is also worth noting that France is a country of high fashion and brilliant musicians. But people are the main wealth of this country. French guests are always welcome, as they are very friendly.

French is considered the most beautiful language. Its pronunciation is unique, and the speech itself is melodious and melodic. The French even curse beautifully. But translating words into French is not so easy. After all, the language itself is not so simple. The main difficulty lies in the fact that in writing there are a lot of illegible letters and, so to speak, “silent” words. Due to the presence of these “silent” letters, it is possible to read a polysyllabic word with only one syllable.

To avoid difficulties during translation, it is worth using the services of professionals. In addition, when translating words, you should be able to use transcription and, in every possible way, adhere exclusively to the correct spelling.

Technical translation is a translation that is used to exchange scientific and technical information between people who speak different languages. In other words, technical translation is the translation of technical texts on a specific subject.

Technical translation is based on a logical-formal style, characterized by precision and lack of excessive emotionality. The grammar of technical translations is characterized by the use of specific and firmly established grammatical rules, and the vocabulary is characterized by the use of appropriate terminology.

French-Spanish translator, native French speaker, representative of the team of native translators. Studies and education: 2000-2003: University of Bordeaux, Faculty of Economics, bachelor's degree, 2004-2007: Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon, humanities, diploma with honors. Work experience: 2008-2019: teacher at Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon; 2019-present: Freelance for the Native Translators team. Specializations: technical translation (economics).

Types of technical translation

Depending on the ways of working with the source text, the translator distinguishes several types of technical translation:

  • full written translation (the main form of technical translation)
  • abstract translation
  • title translation
  • oral technical translation
The concept of technical translator

Technical translation is performed by technical translators. A technical translator is an intermediary in the exchange of scientific and technical information. When choosing a specialist, you should pay attention to the fact of his understanding and experience with the provided subjects and knowledge of the necessary terminology. The best option is the possession of a specialized education by a translator.

Requirements for a technical translator

The following professional requirements are imposed on technical translators:

  • knowledge of at least two foreign languages at a level sufficient to understand the original text
  • knowledge of the language of translation of the text
  • ability to use functioning information sources
  • good knowledge of technical terminology
  • knowledge of the technical field to which the text being translated belongs
  • knowledge of various types of technical translation
Technical translation issues

The main problem in technical translation is the need to combine knowledge of a foreign language with knowledge of the subject matter of the technical translation material. This also includes the possession of terminology and in-depth knowledge of the subject matter of a given field of activity.

The presence of two different approaches is reflected in the translation technologies used by translation agencies.

As a translator in the Native Translators team, I provide technical translation at the highest level, quickly and efficiently.
Translation is a process (almost like a dialectic) that creates transnational social links and spaces, revalues ​​local cultures and brings third cultures to the foreground, it is a process to avoid contradictions, misunderstandings and sometimes even conflicts of a varied nature.