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French to English, English to French and French to English translator, native version of both languages.

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Sworn translations, simple translations, copywriting, rewriting, creative translation in French and English.
Professional English translations
Professional freelance french translator
Raúl Guerrero: Freelance French Translator
Inexpensive translations of English-French and other languages. Value for money. Efficiency is guaranteed.

Professional French translations by a freelancer

Translation of subtitles from English into French or vice versa. Works not only with technical, scientific, sworn, artistic files, but also with multimedia formats. Editing and proofreading services of a translation prepared in French. I am a translator of the Native Translators team with perfect knowledge of French and English , as well as a specific specialization.

I am always open to new projects and gaining valuable experience. For years I have been improving my work to bring you the best result and productivity of my own activities. An unlimited number of subjects professionally mastered by me and my colleagues, the possession of which opens a world of new opportunities to provide linguistic support to all.

French subtitle translation

Subtitles have long been an integral and, moreover, an indispensable part of the presentation of various video materials, such as movies, training videos for YouTube channels, commercials, and so on. Some sites, including YouTube, offer automatic subtitle translation, but it does not always match the original text. The main reason is that such materials need not only literal translation, but also localization for a particular country.

Subtitles always require compliance with standards, which may differ depending on the target language. This is necessary so that the viewer has time not only to read the text, but also to understand it (for viewers speaking different languages, this happens at different speeds). We respect the client's specifications as an immutable law, but we are always ready to suggest if it is not there. I know by heart the international rules of subtitling and can always explain the basic principles of viewer perception.

I have extensive experience in subtitle translation and specialize in transcribing spoken advertising, commercial videos, documentaries, video games and commercial videos, considering the amount of time a viewer can read subtitles and screen space.

I offer quality translation services for audiovisual content (subtitles, transcriptions, various types of voice-over translations) for all types of media.

  • Transcription (voice translation of audio or video text).
  • Timecode (audio or subtitle timestamps in minutes and seconds).
  • Subtitle translation.
  • Subtitle adaptation.
  • Subtitles of audio files allow viewers to listen to multimedia content in the original language or read subtitles. They also give you a good opportunity to internationalize in terms of cost and time.
  • I am a English-French translator. Education and training: 2003-2006: Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris (ENSParis), Humanities. Professional experience: 2007-2019 - Subtitles and media data translation agency specialist, 2019 - present - Freelance member of the team of native translators. Specializations: translation, transcription, subtitle adaptation.

I am considered a professional in my unique field. She has all the necessary background for successful and correct subtitle translation. When this English-French translator joined our creative team, Chloe already had regular clients who regularly asked her for subtitle translation services. One of Chloe's most pronounced qualities is a desire for development and the ability to perceive and interpret information quickly.

Subtitle translation requirements
Catch the moment. Subtitles must be synchronized with the video sequence, appear on the screen along with the accompanying image and disappear with it, fully complying with the dramaturgy of the picture.

Line width. The text on the screen should not occupy more than two lines, and the top line should be as short as possible so as not to overlap the image.

The location of subtitles may differ for different languages according to the writing rules: for European languages, subtitles are placed at the bottom left, for Arabic, on the right and for Asian, on the side.

Text compression. The reader perceives text more slowly than he hears it; there should be a maximum of 40 characters on the screen. Most of the time, interjections, introductory words, as well as those phrases that do not have a special semantic load or whose meaning can be understood by what they see, are eliminated.

The design should correspond to the characteristics of intonation: words with logical emphasis are highlighted in bold or italics, exclamation marks, periods, question marks should be placed to convey the emotional component of the original as much as possible.

Visual design. The choice of subtitle color plays an important role: they should be noticeable against the general background of the video, but not stand out too much; the new text should merge with the frame, become its organic part. The same applies to the selected font and font size. Subtitles for children and adults will be different.

Ready to provide you with the recommended language service. Attract a global audience by translating your video subtitles into various languages or using translation services for other presentation formats.
Translation is a process (almost like a dialectic) that creates transnational social links and spaces, revalues ​​local cultures and brings third cultures to the foreground, it is a process to avoid contradictions, misunderstandings and sometimes even conflicts of a varied nature.