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French translations done by native French translators

Translation is an industry in constant evolution, the future is here and if it escapes ...
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Louis Moreau, Professional freelance French translator

French document translation service and post-editing done right

If you are interested in receiving quality translation services from Spanish into French or vice versa, you can order them from the specialists of the Native Translators team! We employ experienced and creative specialists who thoroughly know all the subtleties of translating this euphonious language and will help you when translating texts on completely different specialized subjects. I am glad to be one of them.

Melodic and at the same time complex: this is how the French language can be characterized. For a long time it occupied a leading place in Europe, not long ago giving way to the international: English. But at the same time, French is still the official language of the world of fashion, cuisine and perfumery. In addition, it is spoken by residents of many countries, including Canada, Belgium and many others. Therefore, the demand for translation services from Spanish to French and vice versa is constantly growing.

I provide technical and other translation services into French. For more information, I recommend you to contact me. I will answer all your questions. My linguistic support is not very expensive. You can be sure that the price is fully consistent with the quality of the translation.

Louis Moreau is an authorized French-Spanish translator and representative of the Traductores Nativos team. A reliable and experienced specialist who is ready to provide you with high quality linguistic services. Study and education: 2000-2004: Sorbonne University. Work activity: 2005-2018: editor and proofreader in foreign company; 2019-present: Freelance in the team of Native Translators. Specializations: technical translation.

Qualities of a professional French or other language translator:

  • Self-control.
  • Objectivity.
  • Striving for development.
  • Patience, precision and care.
  • Possession of idiomatic expressions, all necessary terminology.
  • Knowledge of documentation.
Translation of technical documents

Among the technical documents I translate into French are:
  • Instructions.
  • Texts.
  • Documents.
1. Translation of technical instructions and various user manuals is one of the most difficult areas of linguistics. In addition to knowing a particular language, it is also necessary to understand in detail in a certain field of activity, knowing all the necessary terminology. I received a specialized education, thanks to which I thoroughly understand the characteristics of certain terms and concepts. My name is Louis Moreau and I am ready to perform the technical translation of your materials.

Before starting work, I prefer to consult with the client about the most difficult words and formulations. While working on the translation of instructions, manuals and other technical documentation, I use additional materials that help to achieve the highest quality result.

As a representative of a team of experienced translators, I guarantee prompt execution of the order when translating instructions and manuals. The speed of work depends on the rate chosen by the customer, i.e. the price may be different. It is possible to use express translation service. If necessary, several specialists can be involved at the same time to complete the translation of the text as soon as possible.

I translate documents such as:

  • instructions for using the product, algorithms of actions;
  • equipment installation guides;
  • technical certificates and so on.
Performing a high quality technical translation by me will definitely allow your company to enter the international market or prepare high quality translations of manuals necessary for the sale of foreign products in the country.

2. Technical translation of a text is a linguistic service related to the use of scientific information. As a rule, they involve the written translation of texts, articles, reports, etc. of high specialization. The main difficulty is that a translator needs not only to have good language skills, but also to understand the technical details and know the terminology.

That is why we employ employees with specialized education. And I am one of them. As a rule, a specialist who knows the characteristics of a particular area is involved in the work.

If necessary, I can adapt a specific text to make it easier to understand. Proofreading and editing are guaranteed.

I will help you with the translation of the following types of technical texts:
  • reports, presentations and summaries;
  • engineering communication plans and their interpretation;
  • technical conditions;
  • licenses;
  • drawings, specifications, diagrams, etc.
3. The safety data sheet is a special documentation compiled by the manufacturers of hazardous chemicals. Its presence is necessary for all distributors of similar products, including imported products. Therefore, before importing such substances into our country (or before exporting them abroad), it is necessary to use the services of technical documentation translation.

My translations are of the highest quality and accuracy, because all terms, abbreviations and complex grammatical constructions are always interpreted correctly. I perform the translation in such a way that the finished document fully complies with all applicable European and international norms and standards. After translation, the document can be notarized. In the course of the work, contact with the client is constantly maintained. Thanks to this, the translation will be carried out in accordance with all your wishes. I have extensive experience in providing such services, so you can be sure that everything will be done quickly and efficiently. If necessary, I am ready to provide you with the necessary advice on the translation of any other technical text.

What will you get?

Once the translation is completed, you will receive a document that matches the original as closely as possible. Including, during registration, the following is saved:
  • original structure;
  • text content;
  • visual design elements.
If necessary, I can add a brand logo, contact details and any other information to the passport.
Translation from French and other languages

We offer you high-quality translation services of the most popular and commonly used languages. Our specialists thoroughly understand all the intricacies of your work, thanks to which they can perform high quality written translations from French, regardless of the complexity of a particular order. For example, I specialize in French-Spanish translations.

Most popular languages:

  • English;
  • French;
  • Italian;
  • German;
  • Ukrainian;
  • Portuguese;
  • Romanian.
Why exactly my services?

The French translation service of your material is performed exclusively by native speakers (people whose native language is the target language). And I am one of them. I received a proper higher education at a prestigious university in France and I work only with those subjects in which I specialize. I guarantee you the harmony of price and quality. In addition, an urgent translation service is available, which is adapted as much as possible to the terms that may be convenient for you. My workflow is thought out and organized in detail, so you don't have to deal with nuances while waiting for your order. At the end of the project, I perform a detailed review of the material to avoid mistakes. I do not miss project deadlines, because I value my clients' time.
High-quality technical translation services from Spanish into French and vice versa. It is possible to have the material translated remotely.
Translation is a process (almost like a dialectic) that creates transnational social links and spaces, revalues ​​local cultures and brings third cultures to the foreground, it is a process to avoid contradictions, misunderstandings and sometimes even conflicts of a varied nature.