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Professional French translator from and into Spanish by a native speaker from France

Specializes in proofreading, editing and general text quality assessment projects.

He also translates a lot of technical, legal, advertising translation, web pages, finance, economy, general subject matter.
Louise Bernard
Professional French translator

Why is freelance French translation in high demand at the moment?

Do you need a fast and high quality freelance translation of material from Spanish to French or from French to Spanish? Do you need help from a real professional?

My name is Louise Bernard and I am ready to provide you with my high quality linguistic services right now! I quickly consider my clients' requests and messages, and I also quickly, but very carefully, get to work.

Cheap translation services. Technical translations into French (from Spanish). Authorized and reliable professionals. Scientific and sworn translation. Efficiency in harmony with quality.

Professional freelance French to English and Spanish translator

I am a professional freelance French translator and I will talk a little about the history of the spread of this harmonious language:

France's colonial history played an important role in making French the second most spoken language in Europe. Because of this history, more people speak the language outside of France than in France. According to Forbes, there will be 750 million French speakers in the world by 2050. The network is estimated to have around 102 million Internet users. The French-speaking world also includes Africa, which is rapidly growing and rich in natural resources. Of the five fastest growing economies in Africa, French is the official language in three of them. In countries such as Algeria, Morocco, Vietnam and Cambodia, where English proficiency is low, French is particularly useful as a lingua franca. Learning French can also be beneficial for jobs in the global tourism, fashion, visual arts and theater industries, as French is the most widely spoken language in these sectors. Not surprisingly, French is often the language of translation for many texts.

Thus, to date, French is the most studied language after English and the ninth most spoken language in the world.

Many consider it the most beautiful of languages. And this is well deserved. This language is characterized by a pronounced emotional richness. It is this feature that complicates the translation. After all, it is necessary not only to translate the words correctly, but also to give the text an appropriate emotional color. In addition, the presence of a mass of dialects complicates the interpretation of French. For example, Belgian or Swiss French. Although, in general, French speech is easily perceived by ear.

In which field of activity is French most popular?

Of course, we all know French as the language of love, but it is also a great language for business development. French remains a very popular language with a total of 75 million speakers in 39 countries. In fact, it is estimated that around 220 million people also speak French as a second language, and this number is expected to grow to 750 million by 2050, possibly even surpassing English and Mandarin. The network has around 102 million Internet users.

After Brexit, we can expect the European Union to start using French more frequently, even if English remains the official language of the EU. French is also the official language of several international organizations, including the United Nations and the World Trade Organization.

The French-speaking world also includes Africa, which is rapidly growing and rich in natural resources. The top five fastest growing economies in Africa are Rwanda, Tanzania, Mozambique, Côte d'Ivoire, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Ethiopia.

Therefore, if you are targeting consumers in these countries, French translation can be a good investment. This is an ideal opportunity to enter the international market and find the right audience to present your services or products.

Services of an experienced and authorized French-Spanish translator - Louise Bernard.

Louise is new to our team, but this does not mean that she has not worked in the field of translation services before. This Spanish-French translator is very smart and fast. Be attentive at every stage of the work with the provided material and its final control. Although Louise has only been working with our team for two years, her clients have already managed to see in her an irreplaceable potential.

Studies and education: Heinrich IV Lyceum, 2007-2010: Paris Diderot University, diploma with honors - Bachelor of Arts: Faculty of Clinical Sciences of Humanities. Work activity: 2011-2020: medical specialty translator; 2020-present: Freelance French-Spanish translator. Specialties: translation of medical technical documents.

As a true professional in her field of activity, Louise is impeccably sure that if the translation of colloquial speech, ordinary letters, newspaper articles, various cognitive information can be entrusted to an ordinary translator or, in the worst case, to an online translator, then only people who have a close specialization in this direction of translation.

The reasons for this statement are obvious:

  • Medical terms do not allow for free interpretation because of the translator's heavy responsibility for the final information, which, if translated incorrectly, can have fatal consequences.
  • Distortion of scientific data is detrimental to the further research of those engaged in research activities.
  • Saving money with a correct translation is not allowed when human life may be at stake. That is why you should contact translators who have extensive experience in performing such work.

You can be sure that the price of the translation of your material corresponds to the quality of its implementation. Our employees specialize in translating technical material on specific subjects, working with scientific projects, sworn documents, brochures and many other texts. You don't have to worry about the result, as each member of our team is very reverent, attentive and responsible in fulfilling the clients' request.

Authorized Spanish-French translator services. As a professional, I am ready to provide you with linguistic support. I am very attentive to the client's wishes and recommendations.
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