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Professional English-Spanish translator, subtitling services

Subtitling services provided by a freelance English to Spanish translator

Legal subjects, translation of documents, finance, etc.
subtitling services by a professional freelance translator
Y. Jeber, subtitling services

English to Spanish and Spanish to English subtitling services

I consider myself a proactive professional translator with exceptional linguistic expertise (Spanish and English) and capable of translating conversations, series, marketing material and training manuals from English into Spanish, maintaining a high level of quality. I possess prolific communication skills and experience in identifying and understanding the objectives of translation projects and subtitling services to carry them out meeting the quality and scope needs that each project requires and to meet the client's goals. I demonstrate a clear understanding of translation best practices and the ability to proofread and edit texts.

I have had a successful track record in creating subtitles for companies such as YouTubeRED, TED, Amara and LinkedIn Learninig, and I am up to date with the trends demanded by the work environment.
My academic background as a Social Communicator in the corporate area is synonymous with quality when it comes to writing and preserving the tone and meaning of documents, which translates into the quality expected by the client in translation projects and subtitling services.

I have had a successful track record in creating subtitles for companies such as YouTubeRED, TED, Amara and LinkedIn Learninig, and I am up to date with the trends that the workplace demands.
I am willing to assist you with any of your queries and perform any tests to demonstrate my interest in your project, I am counting on us being able to develop a productive relationship.
My main goal is to use my experience as a translator to deliver materials that meet the standards of satisfaction that the client desires.

I have had a successful track record in creating subtitles for companies such as YouTubeRED, TED, Amara and LinkedIn Learninig, and I am up to date with the trends demanded by the job market.

I am looking to develop as a professional translator or in the translation of English to Spanish subtitles full time for a potential client or reputable organization, to put my multilingual skills to good use and to deliver high quality work.

 Experience in performing quality control of captioning to ensure compliance with quality standards.
 Knowledge of customer service principles and experience in delivering exceptional services to clients.
 Proactive and adept at delivering innovative solutions to complex translation challenges.

 Ability to work under pressure and deliver quality translation and subtitling services while meeting client-defined deadlines and requirements.
 Meticulous and able to translate and retain the original meaning of technical terms and terminology.

 Extensive experience in digital marketing and proficient in Ms Office, SDL Trados 2017, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

 General subject / Conversation / Letters

 Film, TV, drama

 Business / Commerce (general) Marketing

 Cryptocurrencies


 Government & Politics Human

Resources / Employment  Construction

 Environment

 Education / Pedagogy Internet, e-commerce Journalism

 Management

 Science and Technology Public Relations

Translator of subtitles from English to Spanish and from Spanish to English.

Independent translations from English to Spanish and vice versa

I am a freelance translator and my native language is Spanish and I am fluent in English thanks to my training and experience. I have worked as a professional translator for several companies, providing them with professional translations and high quality subtitling services and I can guarantee you a service that meets your needs.

My main goal is to use my experience as a professional translator to deliver materials that meet the standards of satisfaction that the client desires.

Experience in subtitling translations

From 2014 - Ongoing I assumed responsibility for the coordination, translation and quality control of subtitling projects assigned for several subtitling companies.

 Dedicated time to develop a good understanding of each audiovisual material and design strategic plans for subtitling and translation services companies.

 I love creating a clear understanding of English-oriented audiovisual presentations and online course materials for Spanish speakers by translating and creating subtitles (in Spanish).

Content writing 2013 - 2014 with SEO optimization

 Analyze existing website content and provide recommendations to improve SEO.

 Conduct relevant keyword research to write and optimize new and previous content to improve website visibility during web searches.

The 7 most read articles of 2015 in Global Voices 2013 - 2014 Translator

 Assisted with text translation, subtitling services, including news and stories from English to Spanish.

 Proofread and edit translated texts to eliminate errors and preserve the authenticity of the original message.

TEDx - as a subtitling translator

 Study materials to understand original messages and identify idiomatic expressions, figures of speech, etc.
 Perform subtitle generation and translation tasks from English to Spanish.

Wagner Consulting LLC

Translator and Proofreader 2017 - Ongoing

 Translations of legal and technical documents. Proofreading of translated documents.

Localization 2017
Spanish localization (Latin America) for the game Zarya-1.


Content manager March 2017 - May 2018

 SEO copywriter in English and Spanish. AdWords campaign manager

English to Spanish content translator January 2017 - March 2017

 Performed content writing and transcreation tasks and participate in managing customer support in both languages.

 Focused articles to ensure they aligned with the latest product updates, keeping them easy to use for customer support agents and providing the best possible customer experience.

 Wrote internal content for the help center.

 Maintained the quality and consistency of Customer Support and tracked those internal guides.

 Tasked with improving the voice and style of all customer support communications. Updated style and empathy guides for customer service agents and participated in training of new team members.

WSP - as Spanish translator February 2017 - June 2017.

 Responsible for drafting correspondence, presentations, records, spreadsheets and databases.

 I supported the communications and stakeholder management team in the translation of ministerial requests, letters, contracts, etc.

 Actively participated in setting up translation procedures.

 Task of preparing materials in English and Spanish for presentations to shareholders.

LESSO Group- Spanish content translator September 2017.

 I developed translation work and subtitling services from English to Spanish.

 I participated in ongoing communication with project members on project issues and provided feedback on best practices for translation

 Responsible for sending, receiving, translating and ordering documents.
Sabre Corporation - senior Spanish translator February 2017 - January 2018
 I performed tasks such as translating and reviewing the company's software products, web content, user interface elements and other marketing, technical or product documents from English to Spanish.

 I collaborated with freelance translators from other language groups to adapt the material to meet high linguistic quality and client requirements.

 Maintained and updated product-specific terminology glossaries, translation memories and language style guides to ensure consistency and cultural conformity.

Game Room - Spanish content writer April 2018

 I updated the sites and made sure all content was relevant and up to date. I performed writing and publishing of news articles.

 I wrote and published reviews, linkbuilding. Photo and video optimization. Search engine optimization.

My eye media - content localization specialist, Spanish August 2018.

 Proactively seek excellence in translation quality and consistency across all platforms in your language.

 Actively review content in context

 Conduct quality assessments with translation vendors and develop stylistic convergence strategies

 Created voice and style guides.

 Translation of marketing and other content.

IYUNO Media Group - Professional Subtitling Editor and Translator September 2017
 I played a quality control role in the subtitling team.

 I performed the checking of English and Spanish subtitled files made by freelance translators. Provided constructive feedback on the translators' translation quality and their subtitle translator jobs.

 Provided assistance to translators, whether related to translation software or subtitling. Translated subtitles as required by the manager.

Weblocalize - Game localization translator September 2017.

 Adaptation of video game content into Latin American Spanish Ensure quality control on a daily basis.

 Task to coordinate with the client to complete the translation process in a professional manner and strictly follow the client's guidelines.

 Support and cooperation with other departments as instructed by the higher level.

Producer, Yimmy Castillo: Community Management Conference 2016 Community Manager, Alliance Française 2016

University of Santa Maria, Corporate Degree in Social Networks


Venezuela graduate 2016

Video game localization and translation course 2014 Tràgora SCA 56H,

Translation and localization of web pages 2015 Aula SIC. 80h.

Webinar: “Translation in the publishing industry: literature and books”. With Trazo Firme.

Workshop “Open source software for translators”. XARXATIV (Regional Association of Translators and Interpreters).

The Lexical Approach in Business English 2017 CAIT.

Webinar: “Reporting Processes in Game Localization” 2018 WordBee


Travel, photography, management, social networking, literature, poetry, cinema, gourmet life, gaming, history, psychology, philosophy.

Translation is a process (almost like a dialectic) that creates transnational social links and spaces, revalues ​​local cultures and brings third cultures to the foreground, it is a process to avoid contradictions, misunderstandings and sometimes even conflicts of a varied nature.