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Scientific translation service from Ukrainian to Spanish and vice versa

Get in direct contact with a professional in scientific and legal translations from Ukraine!

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Alina Belitskaya: Spanish into Ukrainian, professional translation

Official Ukrainian Sworn Translation Service

This type of online sworn translation of documents is one of the most demanded in the field of our activity. That is why below you can see and get acquainted with detailed information on technical translation services. Translation of documents from Spanish into Ukrainian and vice versa is performed exclusively by sworn translators or native speakers. Detailed proofreading of the materials before delivery is guaranteed. The selection of a translator to work with documents is made according to his specialization and the subject matter of the materials he usually works with. In this case, it is important not to forget that the specialist makes use of the appropriate terminology for a successful and competent translation of a document on a particular subject. For example, a specialist in economics should not carry out a project related to the field of agriculture if he did not specialize in it.
- Translation services for agreements and contracts.

This is a direct legal translation of documents. This type of translation is technical, as it is related to the subject of jurisprudence. It is therefore carried out by a legal translator who is able to translate the contract at the highest level and in accordance with all the requirements of a legal translation. This means that the correct terminology and style of text presentation is used, and that each finished document is drafted in accordance with all recommended rules and regulations. You can learn more about contract translation below.
Our specialists are ready to provide translation of documents and texts that meet your needs.

Official scientific and sworn translation (technical translation is being included).

The most accurate official sworn and scientific translation from Ukrainian to Spanish and from Spanish to Ukrainian. The well-experienced translators of Traductores Nativos have translated thousands and thousands of pages, mastering the translation process at all stages of their work. Absolutely all projects undergo a detailed proofreading control, which is based on the review of the translated text. Our specialists always work carefully with each order, finding an individual translation technique when translating scientific articles and legal texts. We love to delight our clients with a high quality service, which consists of a unique approach to the client and a thorough process of translation of their scientific or legal material or both at the same time. It is for these qualities that our clients value our scientific translation specialists.
- Professional translator of scientific articles.

Another popular type of technical translation. Very often, our specialists receive a request for translation of scientific articles. During the work process, we maintain the structure of the corresponding genre (in this case, a scientific article) and use the necessary terminology, focusing on the subject matter of the material.

Our authorized Spanish to Ukrainian translators specialize in translating both scientific and legal texts.

And now, at last, we are going to introduce you to one of our specialists in scientific and legal translation:
Alina Belitskaya is a Ukrainian-Spanish translator specialized in the field of scientific and technical translation. She is also very good at translating contracts. Alina approaches her duties in a very responsible manner, double-checking each stage of the work in the strictest order, without missing a single nuance. She meets deadlines and demonstrates good results of her activities.

Alina Belitskaya provided us with detailed information about the text genres and translation formats she works with for some of the translation companies in Malaga.
- Technical translation of documents is a guarantee of quality.

It is worth noting that technical translations have their own characteristics, which should be taken into account when translating. For example, the correct terminology should be used, the text should be adapted to the Ukrainian or foreign language. Our team provides translation work of this document format exclusively to sworn translators. And for me, - says Alina, - it is an honor to be one of them.

Our translators providing technical translation services have extensive practical experience not only in providing technical translation services, but also extensive practical experience in various high-tech areas.
- A contract is a written agreement, usually between two parties, regarding the establishment, termination or continuation of a party's rights and obligations. The contract generally details the key points of the agreement. These may be terms, conditions for the execution of the contract, prices, details and penalties, the cost of services or products, payment terms and other conditions of cooperation.

Given the peculiarities of translating such documents, it is necessary to involve only specialized specialists so that the terms of the contract are correctly translated into or from a foreign language, and most importantly, understandable.

We recommend that you order the translation of texts directly from experienced and proven specialists who will perform their work as clearly and efficiently as possible. The field of translation activity requires its representatives to be hard-working as well as patient while acquiring the necessary experience. Only in this way is it possible to become a true master of your craft over time.

Translation of documents from Spanish into Ukrainian and vice versa. Authorized translators collaborate and work with the website Traductores Nativos.

Translation of presentations in Ukrainian, Spanish translation

We all know that developing a presentation is one of the most effective ways to present interesting information at important events. It is this format that is able to focus the audience's attention on the topic or problem being addressed. The harmony of text with graphics really impresses the viewer and, at the same time, the creator of the content. But what about the peculiarities of translating a presentation and why is this translation service so beneficial, whether it is Ukrainian to Spanish or Spanish to Ukrainian?
First of all, the client focuses on the audience that will watch it. If it is a foreigner, it is logical that the client will turn to good professional translators to continue providing their services. It is interesting to know that, when translating a presentation, its format is preserved. In other words, if the client initially provided this document in PDF format, he will receive the translation, whether scientific, sworn or general, finished in the same format.

Translations of IT-related information technology material

The field of information technology in our time is very relevant and widespread. Not surprisingly, translations of texts on this subject are also in great demand. We provide translation of IT subject material to translators who have the appropriate theoretical and practical knowledge base on the disciplines and features of this area.
- Ukrainian translation of web pages, catalogs and brochures.

Translation of catalogs is a translation of documents containing a list or a list of relevant goods, services, which simplifies their search. That is, this format is quite convenient and practical to use, and directly benefits employees, agencies or businesses that provide their services in any type of activity.

Translation of web pages and catalogs is performed by a person who knows well or has previously familiarized himself in detail with the products or subjects of translation of this format of material. But if, for example, the list consists of names of medicines, we select a translator specialized in medicine and pharmacology.

Translation is a process (almost like a dialectic) that creates transnational social links and spaces, revalues ​​local cultures and brings third cultures to the foreground, it is a process to avoid contradictions, misunderstandings and sometimes even conflicts of a varied nature.