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Professional translations from English to Russian and Ukrainian or vice versa, made by an experienced translator with a native level of the English language and a native of Russian, Romanian and Ukrainian at the same time (although it may seem strange)

Professional translation from Russian and Ukrainian and Romanian to English or translation from English to Spanish

Russian, Romanian and Ukrainian translations, copywriting in Russian and Romanian, localization, transcreation (creative translation from English or into English).
Professional translations from Spanish, Russian, Romanian, Ukrainian
Viorel Tiple, professional Russian, English, Romanian and Ukrainian translator
Apparently, this page is distinguished by the fact that we try to communicate with our clients directly and without intermediaries, who sometimes greatly inflate prices.
I tend to delve into the details personally, without managers and secretaries changing so often. The client can contact a Russian or Romanian translator or editor at any time, which avoids loss of information and unnecessary costs.
Apart from the fact that as the initiator of this page is a marketing professional, I have experience and knowledge of the Russian and Romanian markets, just as we know the mentality of these countries. That, as you surely know, is something very important.

What kind of professional Russian, Ukrainian and Romanian translator am I?

Well, I was born in Ukraine, where Russian is just as widely spoken as Ukrainian, but I am from the Romanian minority in this country, which is also my native language. Therefore, its translation with localization from Russian, Ukrainian and Romanian will correspond to the local mentality of the Russian and Romanian markets. Furthermore, I know the majority of professional Russian translators, with whom I am continually collaborating.

SEO and linkbuilding (crowdmarketing) in Russian, Ukrainian and Romanian

Natural positioning in Google in Russian and Romanian with the help of copywriting and rewriting, and with the optimization of keywords in Russian and Romanian: From $5 per 1000 symbols. As you probably already know, Google Panda loves when texts are interesting and performs positioning based on this factor. Your texts in Russian will be written by an expert copywriter. Readability is more than important and you know it!
Contextual Advertising on Google (Google Adwords or now Ads) using the keywords in Russian and Romanian: Price to be agreed. Linkbuilding, which is the accumulation of links for the natural positioning of the website in Google, publishing links with cultural adaptation and written with great naturalness: €4-5 per link.
The prices of translation services are shown in euros for convenience, since I have clients from different English-speaking countries and also to avoid overloading the page with so many currencies. Thanks for your understanding!

If you want to know the cost of your order, contact me in any way available on the web or send me the documents to my email to calculate the cost of the order. Please note that I usually provide a response within 10-15 minutes from the time I receive your request or email.
A typical translation costs from €0.02 per word.
A professional translation of financial or legal documents from €0.03 per word.
Document layout (1 to 1 delivery with the original for all types of files
like PDF and many others) for free.
For urgent translation of financial or legal documents, a moderate additional fee or no additional fee is used.
Other additional services (additional review and correction by a native translator, information search, etc.): depends on many circumstances, but generally half the price established for the translation.
Urgent translation of financial documents and urgent translation of legal documents, as clarified above, is a translation into Russian or a translation into Romanian (or translation from Russian or from Romanian), which is carried out at a speed higher than the standard. The translation of different documents or financial reports, which are executed on the day of the order, is also considered urgent. Although, to be honest, we often make an exception to this rule for our clients :-)

How did the professional translation project from English, Russian, Ukrainian and Romanian come about?

I think I know why you are here, and reading this blog. Maybe you have a good business or just a business project. But it seems that this fact does not fill you, and you do not feel the fullness of life, but on the contrary, it seems that it is tying you to a fixed place. But you have something in common with most of the readers of this blog: one day you crossed a certain limit.

You are someone who has a business on the Internet and who wants to work all over the world, at your own will... without restrictions that limit other people.

Something like this happened to me, almost 10 years ago. The first time I realized that working on the Internet is possible and that professional translation from English, Romanian, Ukrainian or Russian and localization of texts in several languages ​​is possible online, I was reading the story of a former student . He was a translator, and all his work was on the Internet, although he had already lived in China for six months after having spent another six in Argentina.

This idea fascinated me and would not leave me alone for years to come. Quite the opposite: it began to manifest itself in me vigorously when I began to carry out some translation assignments from Spanish to Russian, and when I realized that the client wanted a text in another language on Friday at twelve in his email, and not He cared about when and where he would do this, if he respected the deadlines.

When I quit my job in 2015, I decided to choose the path of freedom. And that was exactly the moment when I asked myself: why can't I find clients who need a professional translation from Russian to Spanish over the Internet and work from anywhere with my laptop? In a short time I added the translation from English to Spanish and also the translation from English to Russian and Romanian. I decided to spend a year at home in Ukraine to remember my first two native languages ​​and another in Spain to improve my language combinations and, in the meantime, to take a leap into the world of online freelance translators for professional Russian translation. to Spanish or the professional translation from Spanish to Russian or, of course, the professional translation from English to Spanish and sometimes vice versa.

This path is not easy, truth be told. There are always traps and tests that can cause any situation and when you risk failing (incorrect translations from Russian to Spanish for example, which is unforgivable for a professional), but these situations can be avoided. If I managed in the end, it was partly due to the spirit and life lessons, which came to me through practice and some wonderful colleagues in the guild. So later I also decided to help others, using my already considerable experience.

Today I work as a freelance translator on the Internet, having clients for professional translations from Spanish and Russian, professional translations from Spanish to Romanian from four continents, having the freedom to decide my own schedule and earning more than what they pay in Ukraine to a non-translator. accustomed to the world of professional translations. Well, don't forget that I am a native of several languages, which does its thing. The fact that people want native translators is easy to understand, because people want a professional translator with experience in languages ​​such as Spanish, Russian, Romanian or English, since we already know how unprofessional translations scare clients. I repeat myself: I also work on translation from English to Spanish and translation from English to Romanian, since I was lucky enough to learn English from the English in Spain, namely on the Costa del Sol. That is where I spent more than 11 years ( At some point in my life I traveled to Madrid and other cities in Spain) and it is there that I became a native Spanish speaker, annoying local booksellers and librarians with my serious doubts about different books. :-)
Translation is a process (almost like a dialectic) that creates transnational social links and spaces, revalues ​​local cultures and brings third cultures to the foreground, it is a process to avoid contradictions, misunderstandings and sometimes even conflicts of a varied nature.