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Native French conference interpreter and freelance French translator

I provide economic translations from French into Spanish and vice versa. Technical, scientific, sworn and other French-Spanish translations. I specialize in technical subjects, or rather, medical translation. You will definitely be satisfied with the result of my work.

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Medical translation services

Medical translation is a rather important and significant area of translation activity, which is considered an analogue of scientific and technical translation. It is becoming more and more important and widespread due to the development of cooperation and exchange of experience in the field of medicine and medical care, as well as the development of the technology industry. There are many types of translation of this type. We provide you with detailed information about the features of this translation.

You should know that the translation of medical texts involves a high degree of responsibility, as a misunderstood term in diagnosis can lead to incorrect prescriptions by the treating physician, endangering human life and health.

The translator of medical texts is faced with a large number of terms, abbreviations and stylistic constructions, the constant appearance of new names of drugs, techniques and various devices, which in this case is the main difficulty. Competent medical translation of documents is possible only if a licensed translator accurately understands the internal logic of the text and can analyze it. Moreover, even a practicing physician who has experience in translation work cannot always accurately understand another physician's diagnosis, test results or prescription if the physicians specialize in different areas. Therefore, close specialist consultations are often required, information from the latest reference books, which also complicates the work and makes its execution time longer.

Depending on the intended audience the presentation of information is done in a scientific, popular science style. For example, scientific articles abound in terms, abbreviations and do not involve the manifestation of emotions at all. Instructions for drugs and medical equipment are intended for the general reader, so they explain all the terms and do not use abbreviations, the presentation is neutral.

Lina Michel is a Spanish-French translator specialized in medical translation. Studies and education: 1999-2002: Joseph Fourier University (Grenoble), medicine; 2003-2005: specialized translation courses in Paris. Professional experience: 2006-2017: translator in a medical translation agency, 2018 - present: freelance member of the team of native translators.

Lina is ready to provide you with quality medical translation services. Treat the work with responsibility. Attention to detail and quite thoughtful. She has many years of experience working with medical texts.

Each type of medical material has certain characteristics that every translator should take into account. Among them:

  • A large amount of medical terminology (including Latin).
  • Abbreviations or abbreviations.
  • Requirements of precision and lack of ambiguity (to avoid nuances and possible risks).
  • The presence of handwritten text (written by a physician, for example).
  • Lack of efficiency and, at the same time, haste (this is by far the slowest type of translation, as it requires maximum attention from the translator).

Such texts are also characterized by the total absence of stylization and any emotional coloring. The presented features of this type of translation allow it to be performed only by qualified specialists who work in this field and know its details. They have certain requirements:

  • knowledge of the native language and the target language at a high level;
  • knowledge and ability to apply translation transformations;
  • analytical skills;
  • understanding of the characteristics of the target languages;
  • the ability to carry out research work (to become familiar with new terms and concepts);
  • Possession of basic medical knowledge and terminology.

Problems of technical translation (in this case, medical translation)

The main problem of technical translation is the need to combine knowledge of a foreign language with knowledge of the subject matter of the field of activity. This also applies to medical translation, as it is one of the types of technical translation. Doing this type of work requires more than just knowledge of the language. It is necessary to master terminology, understand Latinisms, abbreviations, abbreviations. There are quite a few subtleties. In this case, errors, inaccuracies, a rough transfer of the meanings of complex or complex sentences are unacceptable. The result depends on a person's life and health.

Do you or your loved ones need to translate medical texts? Contact me, I will definitely help you!

Translation is a process (almost like a dialectic) that creates transnational social links and spaces, revalues ​​local cultures and brings third cultures to the foreground, it is a process to avoid contradictions, misunderstandings and sometimes even conflicts of a varied nature.