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Freelance translator from English to French or translation to French and viceversa

French translations, French copywriting, localization, transcreation (creative translation from or into English).
Professional translations from English, Russian, Romanian, Ukrainian, Russian, Ukrainian

Would you like to use the services of a proofesinal English-French translator?


Authorized French- English translator. Scientific technical translation into French. Economic sworn translations. Translation of subtitles. Price and quality compliance.

My name is Arthur Dubois and I guarantee quality in English -French and other language services. You can see detailed information about the activities of the team I work with and the employees directly on this site.

It is well known that the technical translation of documents has special requirements and nuances that every professional must take into account. We guarantee that the translator has an adequate knowledge base on the subjects he/she works with. In fact, only a specialist who has previously received the appropriate education can do a really high-quality job on the text of a technical subject.

Technical text translation has a number of important features compared to other types of written translation.

First of all, a technical translation from French must be absolutely accurate. Secondly, it must be subject to editing after completion, because this is the only way to guarantee the total absence of errors in the translation text. Thirdly, it is extremely important that the information to be transferred for the purpose of technical French translation is confidential and does not go beyond the recipient's company. All of this can be easily provided by requesting a French technical translation from the translators of the Native Translators team.

Arthur Dubois is an authorized English-French translator for Traductores Nativos. Committed to the translation of official documents, in particular sworn translations. Education: 2013-2016: Paris Descartes University, Humanities. Occupation: 2017 - present: French- English freelance translator.

Valuable and hard-working employee. He devotes a lot of time to his work. In addition, Arthur is an editor and proofreader. He meets project deadlines and even takes care of urgent translation.

Arthur provides information on the sworn translation he specializes in:

Sworn translation: what is it and why is it needed?

This question is asked by almost every foreigner who is planning to arrive or has already arrived in the European Union for the purpose of work or legalization of a residence permit, a student entering university, an entrepreneur engaged in international business, as well as guests of the country who are faced with the need to draw up documents in state bodies. This is not surprising, because the institution of a sworn translator does not exist in the CIS countries, so you can find a limited amount of information on this subject there. Consequently, such translation is called in the most diverse way. The most commonly used analog is “sworn translation”, however, you can also find: “sworn translation”, “special translation”, “official translation” “with round stamp and signature”, “notarized translation”, “translation made by a special translator”, “translation by an interpreter with the permission of the Ministry” and many others.

In turn, in the countries of the European Union, a sworn translation is what initiates any processing of documents of a foreigner in the European Union.

Sworn translation of documents is a type of translation that requires special attention to detail, so this work should only be performed by experts. Sworn translation services can only be provided by a state accredited translator who independently certifies the translation without the services of a notary. Traductores Nativos understands the importance of privacy and guarantees the confidentiality of your documents. We believe that everyone should have access to online sworn translation services without compromising their privacy. You can order a translation from a sworn translator by selecting the “sworn” translation type when submitting documents through the platform.

We have a long list of clients who have chosen our sworn translation services for translations of passports, birth certificates, diplomas and business contracts. We would very much like to offer you notarized translation services performed by our certified team of sworn translators. Contact us today for more information on the cost of sworn translation and sworn translator services!

Why should you choose my services?

  • Provide me with detailed information about the activities of the Native Translators team and its representatives.
  • Translation by a native speaker. At the same time, I have the appropriate education in the field of technical translation subjects I work with.
  • I respond promptly to clients. I appreciate your time, so I always do my best to respond to your message as quickly as possible.
  • Many subjects I specialize in.
  • Urgent translation service.
  • Quality insurance.

What kind of French translation can we do?

1. Medical. Relevant for those who want to undergo a course of treatment, rehabilitation or take an exam in France, for example;

2. Legal. You cannot do without this if you wish to acquire rights, declare them or challenge others;

3. Technical. It is of great importance in the registration of a patent or license, in the supply of goods or in the development of new products, in the sale of technology, as well as within the framework of improvement work;

4. Translation of subtitles. My colleagues, the translators, regularly work with different formats for presenting information, as well as with mass media. They can easily translate subtitles.

5. Scientific. In this case, we don't care what exactly the source material will be. It can be an article, a thesis, a diploma, a draft textbook or the textbook itself;

6. Artistic. Essay, story, history, play: our employees are ready to meet any challenge;

7. Advertising. When translating, it is sometimes difficult to maintain the marketing background, the wordplay, the main accents. This requires special preparation. But we have the right professionals in our team, so we will certainly cope with that task.

I also work with many other subjects. Please contact me for more details.

Authorized Spanish-French translators. Translation by native speakers. Technical, scientific and other translations.

Contact me to request a quality translation of your material.

Translation is a process (almost like a dialectic) that creates transnational social links and spaces, revalues ​​local cultures and brings third cultures to the foreground, it is a process to avoid contradictions, misunderstandings and sometimes even conflicts of a varied nature.